Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MSOP Students Transform Lives Through Medical Missions

As in most academic communities, things slow down just a bit during the summer months. But, as the fall academic semester approaches us in less than a month, the wonderful stories about the great things our students, faculty and staff do on a daily basis start to flood in.

The message below is from Dr. Bill Rogers, a cardiologist at UAB who is extensively involved with medical missions. Dr. Rogers has been a champion for pharmacist involvement in medical mission trips and has involved MSOP students and faculty members for several years now. On this most recent trip to Peru, Dr. Tim Covington (a former MSOP faculty member) joined his team with our students.

I invite you to read Dr. Rogers post below and view the photo carousel.

On Monday August 1, Dr. Rogers wrote:


Thanks again for allowing us to recruit Peru mission volunteers from among the Samford Pharmacy student body! We really enjoyed having Justin Moore, Joni Morgan, and Simone Spellen with us this year! All of them did a great job, under the leadership of Tim Covington. Unfortunately, Clint Stephens was unable to make the trip.

Our website for view photos from the trip is http://arequipamissiontripjuly2011.shutterfly.com/
(Go to the Guest tab)

I hope that we can continue to recruit from Samford on future trips. I wonder if it would also be possible to recruit from some of the other schools--perhaps nursing and nutrition?

Best regards,


William J. Rogers MD"

Let us hear from you if you are interested in joining Dr. Rogers and our students on an upcoming mission trip!

Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Graduate Describes Her Transformative Experience at MSOP


The inspiration for today's post comes from Rachel Long, PharmD. Rachel just graduated from our program on May 13, 2011 and we thought we'd share with you her thoughts on her experience here at MSOP.

In an email Rachel wrote:

"I was actually accepted into 4 other schools along with Samford. Samford was the last school to accept me, but I remained determined to attend MSOP. Most of my family was on pins and needles, but I knew MSOP was the right choice for me.

At MSOP it's all about making a difference in patient's lives. It's not about preparing you for a career to make money, its about preparing you to become a leader and a changer in the field of pharmacy. MSOP also provides that close knit family atmosphere. When just one student struggles or suffers, the whole school does with him or her. The professors and other faculty push every student to achieve higher standards in the profession and though I may have disagreed with some, I never lost respect or admiration for any.

MSOP provides well rounded training in pharmacy practice and creates pharmacists who care. I am blessed for my time spent here, and hope to represent the school well as I progress through my career.

Rachel Long"

Let us hear how your time at MSOP has transformed your life and the lives of patients you serve!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Student-Faculty Relationships Exemplify MSOP Vision Statement


The inspiration for today's post comes from Mr. Scott Keith, the current president of the rising 4th year class. This month Scott offered the following (unsolicited) message to our outstanding faculty. His message speaks for itself!

Scott wrote the following to the faculty email list-server.

"Dear Faculty of MSOP,

Somehow you have managed to take 120 or so diamonds in the rough and find something of value for the world of pharmacy. While I will admit this journey has not always been easy over these past 3 years, it certainly has been some of the best years of my life. I know it cannot be easy dealing with students; no doubt it is mostly a trial by fire. But through it all, you keep teaching, laying down thoughts and concepts that are intrinsic to the thought-process of the pharmacist. On behalf of the class of 2012, I want to thank you for your kindness and consideration over the past 3 years. In my opinion, in no other college of pharmacy on the planet will you find instructors who care more about a student as a person and as a student. In my 35 years on this earth, these 3 will remain some of the favorites in my memory. I wish each one of you continued success in educating the brilliant minds of the future.

Your friend and colleague,
Class of 2012 President"

Let us hear from you if you find Scott's words transformative!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute Transforms Lives and Scientific Research at MSOP


The inspiration for today's post comes from Dr. Greg Gorman, Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute (PSRI). In its first year of operation the PSRI is performing marvelously under Dr. Gorman's leadership and with the assistance of Ms. Lori Coward. More than a venue to conduct pharmaceutical research, the PSRI is a melting pot for innovation and collaboration between our excellent faculty and students. We are truly proud to have Dr. Gorman and Ms. Lori Coward on our team at MSOP.

Dr. Gorman writes:

"The PSRI in Samford’s MSOP has been established to provide resources for faculty and students to conduct scholarly research in the pharmaceutical sciences. The mission and vision of the laboratories in the PSRI are aligned with those of the school in order to nurture and prepare persons within a Christian environment to be exemplary pharmacists who transform lives.

At the PSRI fulfillment of the mission and vision of the MSOP is accomplished through providing resources for our students to conduct scholarly research in the pharmaceutical sciences. These research activities augment classroom learning and facilitate a natural connection between research and teaching in the school. Research conducted in the Institute involves students as part of their education under the direct supervision of experienced faculty mentors.

To date students have been actively involved in research projects in various areas including: development of new therapeutic entities for Alzheimer’s, glaucoma and cancer, improving the effectiveness of existing drugs to treat eye diseases, and improving the efficiency of early metabolic screening of new drug candidates. As the PSRI nears the start of its second year the focus will be on accomplishing the mission and goals of the MSOP and provide students with additional opportunities to transform lives through pharmaceutical research."

Let us hear from you if you are interested in learning more about the fine work that is conducted at the PSRI at the McWhorter School of Pharmacy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

MSOP Transforming Lives in Perry County, Alabama


The inspiration for today's blog post comes from our Pilar Murphy, Pharm.D., Public Health Resident at the Perry County Health Center in collaboration with Sowing Seeds of Hope. As the original home to Samford University (Howard College then) our university holds the town of Marion and its people in especially high regard. The Perry County Health Department is a wonderful melting pot for interdisciplinary teaching and learning among several academic divisions of Samford University. We are very proud to serve and transform the lives of the very fine people of Perry County.

Read below, in Dr. Murphy's own words, how MSOP continues to transform lives across Alabama and the world.

"DC, 48 year old African American male presented to Sowing Seeds of Hope (a faith-based organization located in Perry County that operates hypertension and diabetes clinics in conjunction with Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy) in mid-January holding a coupon for an expensive antiplatelet medication. He simply asked “Can you help me get this medicine?” Upon interviewing the patient I learned that he had a heart attack and 2 stents placed at a hospital in New York in May 2010. He was able to fill the prescription for the first month, but had not taken his prescribed medications since June 2010 due to cost. He recently moved to our area to join family, and had only been taking aspirin once daily. The patient said that he felt fine at this visit, but knew that he needed to be taking his medications. Due to the recent MI, I knew all the medications the patient should be receiving, and he was not taking near enough medicines. Unfortunately, the patient did not know the names or strengths of any of the other drugs he had been prescribed. I searched online for the pharmacy he used in New York and spoke with the pharmacist in New York explaining our predicament. She gave me the list of medications the pharmacy had on his profile.

While DC was at my office, I asked if I could check his blood pressure to see how he was doing and it was elevated (172/116 mmHg). Although the patient felt fine and was having no symptoms, I insisted that he go see the physician at our Rural Health Clinic, and wrote a letter for him to take with him describing the situation, which drugs we could help him acquire through patient assistance, and the ones that were on the $4 list at a local discount retailer.

The patient returned to our office with prescriptions for the medications, and I proceeded to sign him for patient assistance (a needs based drug procurement system for the poor). Sowing Seeds of Hope was able to purchase his first fill of his medications outside of his expensive antiplatelet medication, as he had used all of his funds for the physician’s visit.

This patient now comes by at least once a month to have his blood pressure monitored, and we have recommended dosing adjustments to his blood pressure medications that have been taken by the physician, and he is now better controlled on a combination of medications recommended by our pharmacy team. He continues to receive his expensive antiplatelet medication through the patient assistance program and is on the way to a longer, healthier lifestyle.

I felt like I helped save a life that day.

Pilar Z. Murphy, Pharm.D.
Samford Univ. Pharmacy Practice Resident
Site: SSOH/Perry Co. Health Dept."

We'd love to show you the good work being done in Perry County and our other clinical outreach sites. Let us hear from you!